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A Lifestyle assessment will include the following details:

1. Dietary screen

2. Physical activity assessment

3. Physical examination to assess for muscle mass, power, joint flexibility, and balance

4. Muscle strength

5. Body composition analysis

6. Assessment of sleep

7. Assessment of substance abuse

8. Assessment of emotional well-being and social connectedness

9. Analysis of recommended investigations

Components of a lifestyle prescription

A Lifestyle prescription will include the following details:

1. Dietary advice (what to eat, how much to eat,when to eat, how to eat, what not to eat etc)

2. Physical activity advice (Type, frequency, and duration of exercise)

3. Management of sleep issues

4. Advice and recommendations for emotional health

5.Medicines and supplements(when mandatory)

6. Analysis of recommended investigations

7. Referrals to experts (where necessary)

Components of a lifestyle assessment

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