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Is sleep really so important?

Updated: Mar 10

Everyone sleeps. We sleep when we are sleepy. What's the big deal?

Well, a lack of or excess sleep interferes with the functioning of almost every organ system in the body. Both contribute to chronic diseases like obesity, Type II Diabetes, hypertension, stroke, coronary artery disease, depression, etc.

Yet, many of us, especially when we are young, only pay attention to sleep habits when we can't have it any other way. So there are days when we sleep only when we are dead tired and other days where we "make up" for lost sleep, sleeping more than the recommended 9 hours.

When we were kids, our parents insisted we sleep on time. They themselves, however, didn't. When we grew older, we started doing exactly what our parents did back then; trying to finish every task before sleeping. Sleep came LAST on our priority list.

And when we do become parents or are already parents? We will give the exact same advice we received as kids!!!LOL. We all know sleep is important. Then why don't we give it the importance it deserves?

Well, with kids you can very quickly see the effects of lack of sleep. Their digestion, mood, concentration, and their immunity are all affected very quickly and visibly. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we become more resilient and learn to live with the subtle problems created by sleep issues. That doesn't mean something wrong isn't going on inside.

Watch the video to learn why sleep is so important, and why and how you should rewire your lifestyle to sleep well.

While many sleep issues can be resolved with sleep hygiene, there are some which may require medication or other interventions for e.g Sleep apnea.

Talk to us to determine the right intervention for you.

And my dear reader, if you're reading this past 12 p.m., GO SLEEP.

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